That Sky & Noise Beats — Void

released August 30, 2012
Label Ezhevika together with Ultra Vague Recordings present a split release by a Belarusian producer Alexander (That Sky) and a Moscow beat-maker Yaroslav (Noise Beats).
Album’s name “Void” means a boundless space for ideas and experiments. It was already planned to record this album by the time of releasing Shelter, where Noise Beats also participated. As soon as this album was presented they decided to make a split album, which would include selected works from Shelter and new tracks, too. In fact Void is Shelter’s direct extension. That is why the authors created the entering track Love Kills Pt. II and kept the same mood in the first part of this album. The new album contains a lot of experiments, complicated structures and unusual sound.
“We followed our favorite conception and recorded as much live instruments as we were able to: bass, guitar, acoustic, drums, piano and even violin in the most emotional track of the album Remember. Our most ambitious experiment is Great Hoax. It’s smooth, but at the same time very rhythmic, so we even put it through a test at the morning jogging! The album endures 20 minutes and something. We tried to make “compact” tracks, so that listeners won’t be able to understand the whole complexity and attraction straight away. You need to listen to this album attentively!” – say the authors.