Samsara Inc. — Endless Autumn

released December 18, 2014

If a musician lives in Siberia it doesn’t mean he is doomed to play post-rock. The great example is right here – one-man project Samsara Inc. coming from the city of Abakan near to Mongolia. We know the word “Samsara” from Sanskrit, ancient Indian language, which means an endless travel of soul from life to death and back. In such context, Samsara Inc. really is a travel. It is a mind journey to dusk beaches of Goa with its snake-charmers, and it is a travel of soul from one emotion to another, searching for peace.

Rodion Kudryavtsev (a.k.a. Samsara Inc.) composed his debut EP-album Endless Autumn as a mean to relax, though with graceful handwriting and aerial melodies in Oriental manner.
Music by Rodion Kudryavtsev.
Cover design by Dmitry & Konstantin Kourianov