Phil Anker — Clouds On The Ceiling

released May 19, 2015
Welcome the second official release of Minsk-based producer Sergei Smirnov (a.k.a. Phil Anker) on Ezhevika Label. He continues experimenting and embarking on new sound adventures. A true pearl on Clouds On The Ceiling EP is one of such experiments – collaboration with talented vocalist Ana Zhdanova.

The author prefers just to feel the music more than fill it up with fake meanings and concepts. Only freedom of mind and freedom of creativity mean something to him. Which is logical: you’d find it hard to understand his atmospheric and deep compositions using the mind only. All you need is to feel.

However, despite his poetic views Phil Anker understands music also as a hard work. He embraces the words of American writer Bo Bennett as his own motto: “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.” Right here, we present you a piece of one accomplished dream.