Catch The Crackle — Roomy Universe

released March 31, 2015

New album of Minsk-based electronic artist Sasha Siletsky is a pure experiment in sound and structure. For recording he used synthesizer Korg Volca Bass and sampler Korg Electribe ESX-1SD. To create suitable atmosphere and reverb effect he recorded sound from another room or simply put microphone into the wardrobe. Album has got a lot of samples: vinyl noises, vocals, Liverpool fans signing and other artefacts.

“People are satisfied with everything, and this is not good for something new”, says Sasha. He decided to blow dust off old instruments and use his own head and hands oftener than “magic” buttons which do all work instead of you. Roomy Universe is an album at the cusp. PC was still necessary to compose it but next releases will be recorded on sequencer from 90s Yamaha QY700 which controls hard synths, drum machines and groove boxes. All data will be saved on floppy disks.