Catch The Crackle — 4 Lines

released January 29, 2014
4 Lines is a debut release by Minsk-based producer Alexander Siletsky. Layer by layer, the picture is a bit washed out; there is no exact sequence just like in our “equally unique” lives where happen “eventful grey periods”. This music was spawned by greyness to add some colors. Here and there you can find a brushstroke of despair, hate or hope, and then suddenly this all fades away to slowly calmness. Downtempo with a dash of dirt, noises, various samples and scratches which go together with hip-hop sound and notes of trip-hop and lounge.
Catch The Crackle is an experimental project and so it is hard to say how the next release is going to sound. However, producer does not intend to leave the course that he has set.