released June 30, 2015

«Enjoy this ‘Siberian chillwave’. Light as a flock of seagulls above the peaceful lake Baikal. Nostalgic, melancholic and meditative».
(Music Blog Vocododo, France)

B A I K A L is a Moscow-based electronic musician Alexander Zharikov. While the idea of his main project Moskva-Kassiopeya is science fiction, space, unknown and unreachable things,
B A I K A L is the purest nostalgia.

The two projects are only connected by infant remembrances surfacing in artist’s mind when listening to his own music. “For Moskva-Kassiopeya, it’s old sci-fi movies on VHS-cassettes. For B A I K A L, it’s careless childish happiness, summer vacation and trips to lake Baikal. But which pictures do listeners retrieve from their memories when they hear this music – this is the real puzzle”