Awlnight — Next Stage

released April 14, 2015
Next Stage is the first official release by Minsk-based musician and beat-maker Dmitry Lukoits under his new alias Awlnight. Recently he released his music as Luka and even created a non-existing quartet Jelly Groove consisting of his four alter egos providing cosmic afro-experimental electronica. However, with his new album artist decided to put an end to this mess and collect all his projects into only one – Alwnight. “Next Stage is a new level which I enter with my new stage name”, says Dmitry.

Next Stage is a spacious work which presents Alwnight as a many-sided and developing artist. All tracks are recorded on samplers Boss SP 303 and Roland SP 404, synthesizers Microkorg and Polyvox. We can also find here 70-80’s vinyl samples, wonky beats, several dance tracks, different cosmic additions, scratching. Record is featuring Chelyabinsk-based beat-maker Lowranger and Pinsk-based band Lwptch whom Dmitry met when creating The Russian Tape, a compilation by LA-based label KUSH.FM.